Teacher Trainings

In English or German, online or in-person, I enjoy sharing both my experience at German universities teaching students and my trainings in companies. it is my goal to inspire teachers at the Gymnasium to try out new ideas to help prepare their pupils for future work and study life. Personally, I believe that the best teacher training workshops are the ones that provide teachers with both inspirations and what I like to call "roll-out-of-bed" material that can be implemented "as-is" the next day in the classroom. This is my mission.

All teacher workshops are 3 hours long, with a break after 1.5 hours. Workshops in Bavaria are paid for by funds from the "Regionale Lehrerfortbildung" and not the individual schools. The schools only provide coffee, tea, and refreshments in the break. 

Teacher Training Workshops topics:

  • "Teaching Pupils to Give Powerful Presentations" 
  • "Using the Harvard Negotiating Method in the Classroom" 
  • "Creative Classroom Ideas"
  • "Academic Writing"
  • "Business English in the Classroom"

 Please contact me for special content requests.

Many schools book me to return yearly to train each new class of 11th graders in "Powerful Presentations in English." Therefore, I offer the corresponding teacher training "Teaching Pupils to Make Powerful Presentations" most frequently of all my workshops (which I also can offer to teachers in English, German or bilingually). It's important for teachers to see what their pupils will learn in my workshops and get insights into follow-up materials and strategies to practice the workshop content in their classrooms.

Content of Teacher Training: "Teaching Pupils to Make Powerful Presentations"

  • Making an effective hook that links to the core message.
  • How to structure an engaging presentation
  • Making modern PowerPoint slides using the newest standards in business and academia
  • How to find legal pictures without copyright issues
  • How pupils can use their smartphones at home to practice
  • Tips for effective follow up activities to train presentations in the classroom
  • Assessment categories for grading presentations from universities and other schools