University Courses

Work hard, try hard, make mistakes, assess progress, learn from mistakes...

Learning by doing is the underlying principle in my university courses. I strongly believe that it is not enough to explain to students the theory behind communication strategies, rather they must apply these theories in practice, make mistakes, self assess, get feedback from myself and others, and try again. In this application-feedback-reflection-revision loop lies the key to truly learning and mastering new skills. I am a permanent lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg for business communication courses in English (Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Cross Cultural Management in the Faculty of Business).

Types of University Courses

Hochschule Augsburg - Bachelor & Master's Courses

  • Advanced Business English: Presentations, Negotiations and Meetings
  • Writing for Social Media @AuxStudents
  • Advanced Writing for Social Media
  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Assessment Center Training
  • Negotiating in English
  • Presenting in English
  • Bootcamp for Master's of International Business & Finance

University of Augsburg Graduates School GGS -  PhD Courses

  • Presenting in English at International Conferences
  • Working Successfully in International Teams
  • Conflict Resolution using the Harvard Method
  • Debate, Discussion, & Conversation
  • Academic Writing
  • English Refresher

Hochschule Augsburg & University of Augsburg  -  Coaching for Professors

  • Presentation coaching for international conferences
  • Language Coaching for lectures in English
  • Intercultural Coaching for dealing with international students

University Teaching Experience

  • University of Applied Sciences Augsburg (Lecturer for Business English Communication Courses and Cross Cultural Management)
  • University of Augsburg - Freelance Lecturer for the Graduate School for Humanities and Social Sciences & formerly Lecturer for English for Professional Purposes
  • Humboldt University Berlin - Lecturer for English
  • Technical University Berlin - Freelance Lecturer for English
  • University of Paderborn - Freelance Lecturer for Business English